Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Update - Myleene Klass Nails


L did a post on these a week ago but I just wanted to do an update on the styles I had received. If you want to catch up on L's post you can here.. These are Myleene Klass nail wraps in Gold Glitter and Leopard print.
As L said there is a choice of 16 styles that come with 24 wraps included. These are applied without heat, you just have to peel, stick them on and then use a nail file to remove the excess. Well this would prove to be my downfall!

I was rubbish at selecting the right size wrap but luckily I wasn't too far off but I did not like how you removed the excess. L gave a good tip in her post, she said to actually trim the wrap a little first before applying then file off. I just applied mine as they were and then removed the excess as instructed. I was not impressed at how they turned out. I had makes and bumps along the tips. It also seemed weird to be filing my nails, when they didn't require it, just to remove the excess.

Can you see the bump on my middle finger? Not impressed. These stayed on for 30 mins before I got fed up and took them off.

I am going to try again with the gold and I will try L's tip about trimming them a little beforehand.

As L had said these are available in Asda, Boots, Debenhams or JML Direct from £5.99.

Have you tried these or other wraps? What are your hints and tips?



Girlie Blogger said...

These are all over the internet. They are adorable.


Ms Bubu said...

I have a few nail wraps, but haven't used them yet... don't know why, but somehow it seems more trouble than regualr nail polish?...

LucyyLou said...

I'm a keen nail wrap user, reviewing a lot on my blog, have so many brands to get through, meaning to pick these up, but not sure now :/ The design is gorgeous though. Her glitters look great


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